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mindsweeper puzzle adventure 1.12 mod apk

mindsweeper puzzle adventure mod apk

Download mindsweeper puzzle adventure mod apk
mindsweeper puzzle adventure mod apk game for Android latest version: is an incredibly exciting adventure game in the form of a puzzle. Mindsweeper The story begins where the world has engaged in a strange genetic virus that has tried to destroy humans, but Dr. Amy Harris has managed to find a cure for the virus through numerous experiments. When news spread of a cure for a personal virus, he went to a government laboratory and stole Dr. Harris's treatment for hereditary diseases. Now your task as a mind explorer is to go into Dr. Harris's mind and find a therapeutic composition before you end up and save the doctor and the world.

Mindsweeper puzzle adventure from Media Fire. has been installed thousands of times around the world and got a good rating The game consists of several maps, each of which will present different challenges. 3D graphics and background music provide an exciting space for in-game adventure and unique features and characters each designed to give it a special charm.

Download game mindsweeper puzzle adventure mod apk

Download game mindsweeper puzzle adventure mod apk

Can you recover the lost memories?

When you wander in someone's mind, it's hard to distinguish between memory and imagination ...

Shortly after the launch of the genetic plague, Dr. Amy Harris succeeded in finding a successful cure. Unfortunately, someone broke into the government lab, stole the formula and infected Dr. Harris. As a broom of mind, my job is to dive into Amy's hidden mind in the hope of finding the formula before it is too late ...

Mindsweeper puzzle adventure A unique story

A unique adventure adventure game that you must remember! Decode the age of memories to find a hidden scientific discovery that will save humanity!

Beautiful 3D graphics

Explore beautiful handmade 3D levels with great visual effects, stunning atmosphere and natural camera control.

Exciting game

Combine objects, interact with characters, solve increasingly challenging puzzles, select hidden memory profiles to escape from each memory block, and proceed to the next stage.

mindsweeper puzzle adventure from Mediafire

Aerial audio

Enjoy the best with sound! Custom-made soundtracks for each chapter and specially selected ambient sounds will complement each other for an immersive experience.

Try for free

Play for free with the option to buy additional levels and experience the full story that will make you feel admired.

Super ladies support

The puzzles game looks beautiful on phones. Enjoy stunning, stunningly detailed 3D graphics that look great.

If you like puzzle games, you won't miss this fantastic challenge!

Unforgettable and wonderful escape levels from the room, for all adventure lovers out there.

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Download mindsweeper puzzle adventure  apk the link here

mod version

Download mindsweeper puzzle adventure mod the link here

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