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unit converter calculator pro 1.35 apk

unit converter calculator pro apk

Download unit converter pro apk latest version for android

unit converter pro apk. universal units converter.Powerful and easy to use application with clean and beautiful user interface.This useful tool is easy to use, intuitive, customizable and feature-rich include the most used conversions as well as some unusual categories. Stinging to any conceivable classification. In addition to classes and modules can also be pursued directly by content information.

unit converter pro apk. Despite the large number of categories, you can easily orient yourself within the app: categories can be marked as favorites and are then available in the Favorites view. There you'll find only the categories you really want to see.

unit converter pro apk Within a category, you can easily hide units, you do not need.Using the category list, you can quickly access any category. In addition, categories and units can also be searched directly by entering text.

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unit converter professional 
 unit converter professional When you start the application, the last used category is displayed. Within a category, the last used unit is selected.The results are executed simultaneously when you enter values. Pressing the spam of the "Calculate" button or switching to a different view is not necessary. You instantly see a list of all results for all units.

unit converter pro apk unit converter. The unit can be selected by pressing and holding as well as through the drop-down menus and tabs. You can easily copy the conversion result to the clipboard and then use it in other programs. Long press on the input field, you can paste a value from the clipboard.

unit converter professional "Full Network Access" and "View Network Connections" permissions are required to update online exchange rates. For all other conversions, no internet access is required.

unit converter program Units are named by unit codes (sometimes not well known) and by unit names in full (for example, ha, ha, bbl, and barrel).

unit converter program The application contains 35 categories of units - for daily needs, study and work:

- Basic units: length, area, size and mass

- For daily use: currencies, temperature, speed, time, fuel consumption, angle, data, printing

- Scientific categories: pressure, force, energy, energy, acceleration, torque, frequency, electric current, voltage, density, flow rate, viscosity, concentration, lighting, luminance, sound pressure, magnetic flow, magnetic field strength, radiation (activity, Absorbed dose, exposure), number systems and prefix units.

Download Unit Converter app for Android latest version

Unit converter software. Screenshots unit converter program

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Download unit converter pro apk latest version for android

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