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Florence 1.0.9

Florence 1.0.9

download florence apk and obb

descargar florence apk full is one of the most beautiful, special and most popular puzzle games. Florence is a special work of art, as it is characterized by a few minutes of simple play interactions, and represents the daily life of man, from bonding and love to separation and separation.

Florence Full Apk The game is about a 25-year-old girl named Florence Yuh, who has lived in her personal life a variety of boredom and daydreams, and now enjoys a night through surface entertainment The early stages of the game devote some of the daily tasks in the life of Florence through interactions Simple and some mini games

Florence Apk Florence Yuh feels stumbling. Her life is an endless routine of working, sleeping, and spending a lot of time on social media. Then one day, she met a Cello player named Krish who changed everything about her vision of the world.

Experience every rhythm of a relationship between Florence and Krish through a series of play-based vignettes - from flirting to combat, and from helping each other grow.

The main narrative starts from one of the most ordinary days when listening to music while crossing the street at the same time, with the charging finished, his cell phone is turned off and forced to the ear. Unarmed to continue on the road! The whistle blends with the violin, and with the outbreak of yellow waves, Florence flies in a spiritual state until you find the source of color and music.

download florence apk and obb

florence apk and obb A playful boy with a good smiley dad and a crowd of people around him! Florence, like some great romance novels, is now discussing the formation of a love relationship and starting a relationship; These events continue until the next stages and Florence and Krish suddenly meet to finally get to know each other and start a relationship. If you love fantasy games and puzzles that will enjoy you for a few minutes in a certain environment, then there is no doubt that Florence!

florence apk data

what's new

1 Added new support for Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

2 Improved some Chinese and Japanese translations

3 General bug fixes


"APK" Install it on your device.

Copy the folder "com.mountains.feathertop" to android / obb.

fi alkhamisat waleishrin min aleumr, tasheur flwrnsa yawh bialtaeathr. hayataha hi rawtayn la

download florence apk Full 

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