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librera pro 8.3.100 apk

 librera pro 8.3.100 apk

Download librera pro apk full

librera pro apk free: PDF, eBooks Paid is the title of a simple and powerful digital book implementation software. One of the most important features that attract everyone's attention during the first run after installation is the support of various types of digital book formats, including common formats such as PDF, EPUB, EPUB3 and let's mention MOBI, DjVu and when booting for the first time, all device memory is erased Smart quickly and a list of books and digital documents is displayed.

You can easily create self-maintenance libraries from all your documents by selecting the formats you want to include and the folders you want to scan. All document collections can be viewed either in a list or grid style. Easily adjustable by thumbnail size and detailed descriptions.

Download librera pro apk full

Download Librera PRO APK

Librera PRO No longer need to manually scroll through documents and turn the page slider to automatic. In addition, a professional text-to-speech engine is included in PRO Lirbi Reader: PDF, e-books, which no longer need to monitor the screen and read books constantly, and all texts are played in full voice. The PRO Lirbi Reader: PDF app, and e-books also has a variety of features.

librera pro apk The library can be sorted by path, name, size or date, and there is a filter to help identify specific documents or document collections.

Download Librera PRO APK

- Finds all the books on your device and displays covers

- Modern books with the percentage of reading the book

Colors can be configured for day mode and night mode separately

- Translate words and sentences into dictionaries without an Internet connection or online interpreters from the app such as Oxford, Macmillan, Longman, Cambridge etc.

- In lock mode, the book is scrolled down or up only, not left or right

sc Automatic document scrolling and scrolling configuration

- Listen to the book by voice (TTS engine or text to speech)

- Easy to add bookmarks, view page thumbnails, table of contents

Reader for PDF, EPUB, MOBI, DjVu, FB2, TXT, RTF, AZW3, HTML and CBZ. The app can read 12 book formats and has a size of 11 MB This app Lirbi Reader or PDF

Features of this app: Librera PRO: Leading book reader and PDF

* View single page of double paged documents

* Music mode with configurable scrolling speed

* Ability to read voice (via text-to-speech engine or "text-to-speech")

* Quick and easy document search

* Word search in multiple documents

* Easy document discovery with optional and configurable menus:

* Automatic scanning (with user specified folders)

* Browse (with file in App Explorer) * Recent (with progress bar)

* Support bookmarks, annotations, and fast jump contents

* Individually configurable modes day and night

* Support many popular translators and dictionaries offline

* Vertical scroll lock

* Auto focus of documents

* Online document format conversion

* Open files directly from archives (.zip)

* Right support for left language (Thai, Hebrew, Arabic, etc.)

* Continue reading from where you left off.

Download librera pro apk full

Download librera pro apk full the link here

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