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game for peace apk 1.5.8


GAME FOR PEACE: is an adventure game and the open world and high graphics for Android and  legendary for all Android devices as well as the game realistic and the best wonderful graphics which is the game of adventure and fighting and enjoying with your friends in an atmosphere for the Battle Royal and also Offline.

game for peace apk is one of two official titles based on Game for Peace launched for the Asian market. This version, unlike the pubg army attack, is much closer to the original game by bluehole studio.

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A game that brings you down in a royal battle where you will face 100 real players against a closed environment until you leave only one standing. To win, you have to roam around the island while collecting the equipment generated in the playzone, which grows smaller and smaller to force the players closer to each other.

All the original game elements are very beautiful. The controls are similar but adapted for touch screens, interactive objects and game elements are the same. You can enter buildings, drive vehicles, and loot the bodies of your victims.

game for peace china

Peacekeeper Elite is a great version of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS that adapts to the title of the Android experience. In this case, this means daily tasks and special events to stimulate daily play by offering rewards.

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