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Unkilled v2.0.11

Unkilled v2.0.11

Download unkilled apk

Download unkilled apk: a very fun and exciting killing zombie game. The story of the game is that New York City has become the center of the world's most dangerous zombie outbreak. We now need a hero with courage and skills to fight zombies and uncover mastermind and the reasons behind this catastrophic event. The WOLFPACK task force has been called to Big Apple City to do the tough job.

UNKILLED Start your story by choosing a character from the five elite members of the task force. As part of a specially created military agency to find, track and eliminate all threats, you'll travel to New York City neighborhoods, subways, sewers, and alleys. At the same time, you'll discover more evil plots than people think. Fortunately, you are equipped with lots of weapons and ammunition.

unkilled game online multiplayer mode, long story, special missions, and many unique weapons to choose from.

Download unkilled apk offline

Some features of the unskilled Android action game:

!EM and TAG! EM bag

= More than 300 mission stories - make your resources more useful!

= Unique enemy and boss characters: sheriff, zombie, creepy self-destruction, butcher and more!

= Over 40 types of weapons in more than 5 categories, including LSAT, SAIGA-12K and M24 sniper rifles!

= Get various skin suits to dress up your character and guns. Become the best hero in a zombie apocalypse!

unkilled game

Multiple pvp mode

= Fight real-world opponents on 5 unique PvP maps

= Choose your hero, and use the skills, weapons, and equipment assigned to participate in the confrontation with the PvP

= Get "smart" by winning PVP encounters and upgrading your heroes with huge skill trees

= Become a champion of the league and fencing playoffs

The Battle of New York

= Join the global fighters team and save New York City!

= Accept the challenge and get multiple rewards: VIP boxes, coins, tools, money ...

= Enjoy a wealth of fun in every campaign goal

= Be a hero and win special prizes

Simple conflict working mode asynchronous pvp

= Build a zombie army by completing the DNA "outline"

= Clone and improve your zombies

= Use your own zombie army to attack the bases of other players

= Test your base shield

= Block all attacks to enable the car shield

= Get defensive lines to earn more gold!

= Overall score recorded on the leaderboard

= Neutral zombies - with challenging general purpose missions

Smooth first person action shooter!

= Unique solution for Madfinger mobile games control, proven and tested by millions of players

= Easy-to-use gameplay experience: Our auto shooting system lets you focus on movement

= Supports multiple gamepads

= Try new adrenaline jobs to challenge your top goals!

The ultimate picture effect beyond imagination!

= High-resolution soft shades

= GPU simulates the effects of particles, reaching tens of thousands of molecules

= Highly reflective surface

= SpeedTree accelerate forest rendering

= High polygon fine character model

= Post-processing effect for more realistic film style

unkilled apk

NVIDIA Tegra X1 support and features

= 3x particles in all special effects (death, blood, explosion, and lead effect)

= All particle effects improved

= All reflections improved

= More detailed real-time shadows.

Download unkilled apk offline

Download unkilled apk the link here

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