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Beelinguapp: Learn Languages v2.459 Premium

Beelinguapp: Learn Languages ​​v2.459 Premium

Download Beelinguapp: Learn Languages ​​ Premium

beelinguapp apk cracked is fun and easy to use for anyone who wants to learn a new language. Use your native language as a guide and start learning today Read the text and hear the audio in the language you are learning, and read the same text in your language for reference.

Learn all languages ​​with beelinguapp pro apk Learn at your own pace with this free and fun language learning app. If you're familiar with audio books for language learning, you'll love Beelinguapp s innovative style of learning a new language.

beelinguapp apk Learn languages ​​With audio books you can get rid of flashcards and choose the languages ​​you want to learn by reading children's favorite stories, short stories, novels and more side by side. From Spanish to German and more, beelinguapp pro apk teach you through fun and fashionable text.

Download beelinguapp pro language learning apk 

=Audio book can be heard in any language even if your phone is asleep.

= Learn languages ​​by following an audio book reader with karaoke style animations to see exactly what they are saying.

= Spanish audio books along with English, French audio books along with German - choose and what language audio book you want to read is for you!

= combined readings of your favorite fairytale stories, novels and more.

= Learn languages ​​at your own pace and choose only the stories you want to read.

= Languages, genre, and level of learning can be categorized, making it easier to learn languages.

 beelinguapp pro language learning 

Features of this app: Beelinguapp: Learn Languages

= Learn a new language by reading different stories in a language of your choice

= Beelinguapp Pro apk provides language learning with audio books with the option of reading the story in your language as a reference for a word or phrase that means.

Learn different languages:

- English

- Spanish

- Portuguese

- Arabic

- Italian

- Japanese

- Turkish language

- French

- German

- Hindi

- Korean

- Russian

- Chinese

Download Beelinguapp: Learn Languages Premium

Download the link here

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