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Puffin Browser Pro

Puffin Browser Pro 

Puffin Browser Pro Android

Download Puffin Browser Pro: is one of CloudMosa's unique high-speed Android browsers. Using its unique capabilities, Puffin Browser managed to provide unprecedented speed to users while browsing web pages and easily show their superiority over other browsers like Chrome, Dolphin and Firefox. One of the reasons for its increasing speed is the use of the application from satellite sources in addition to the servers in the cloud, which is unique.

puffin browser pro apk increases mobile browsing speed by changing the workload on devices with limited resources on servers in the cloud, and web pages that require a lot of effort can be played on your phone or tablet.

Using proprietary data compression algorithm, Puffin greatly reduces internet usage and saves up to 90% bandwidth. In addition to the mentioned functions, the smart download system is also included and is unique, in which users of this function can download files up to 1 GB without saving them on Android device. Store directly on dedicated cloud servers.

Download puffin browser pro apk

Cloud Protection: All traffic from the Puffin app to the Puffin server is encrypted, which is protection against nearby hackers. It is safe to use unsafe public WiFi via Puffin, but it is absolutely unsafe for most browsers.

Some features of the Puffin Browser Pro Android app:

Reduce and compress the page size and get the speed of each page at high speed

Full support for Adobe Flash

A dedicated download system for direct downloading of files into the dedicated cloud

Theater mode for online movies and web games

Connect to your accounts on social networks and cloud servers

Support superior data encryption system

The fastest JavaScript engine available among other browsers.

Support desktop mode

Incognito mode to leave no trace on the web

Download Puffin Browser Pro

Download Puffin Browser Pro APK the link here

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