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Download textnow premium apk Full

textnow premium free apk is an application to make calls and send text messages. To get a virtual US phone number. After registering in textnow premium apk, you will be given a virtual phone number to use for your calls.

textnow premium apk You'll be able to send as many text messages as possible to the US and Canada for free Make unlimited phone calls to any low-cost US and Canadian phone number and free international calling You can add money or get free money by completing offers for your account and making low-cost international calls.

Download textnow - free us phone number apk

Features: Textnow premium apk

- Free and unlimited voice calls with other textnow premium apk users as well as for incoming calls

- Home screen widget to launch TextNow, create a new message or make a call quickly

- Unified Inbox: Send and receive your texts directly via TextNow - Use TextNow as a one-stop SMS texting app

textnow premium apk

- Real SMS and Calls: Text and call any phone that accepts SMS, and any phone to call

- textnow premium free All messages sync seamlessly with your mobile device

- Passcode: Keep messages under lock key n

- Forward calls

- Signatures: Add your own signature to each text

- Customizable text ringtone, ringtone and vibration

- Customizable wallpapers

- Set individual contacts as their ringtone and background

- Quick reply easily (and quickly) reply to friends

- Make and receive voice calls

- Full Picture Messages: Send, receive and save photos

- Copy voicemail

- Caller ID

Download textnow premium apk Full

Download textnow premium apk the link here

Download textnow premium apk the link here

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