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Hibernator Pro 2.19.2 apk

Hibernator Pro

Hibernator pro

Hibernator Pro: latest version: It is the best program to manage and improve battery life This program improves the performance of your phone, an easy way to stop all applications, as a result it saves battery power and improves performance and the applications can also be closed automatically every time the screen turns off.

Hibernator pro apk is a great automatic solution for users with physical disabilities and muscle fatigue who suffer while interacting with the screen, especially when doing complex repetitive tasks, such as forcing the shutdown of many apps one by one.

Hibernator Pro apk just install and stop it with a simple touch of each wallpaper processed in a certain way. After using Hybrentor, all background programs will go into forced stop mode and prevent them from working again. Battery Operation Hibernator pro apk prevents you from getting very simple and unique system.

 Hibernator Pro mod

Features: Hibernator pro

Hibernator pro apk This program allows you to speed up your phone when it is running slowly due to the many apps running in the background.

This program improves your phone memory by freeing up RAM and freeing space for new applications.

It helps to close apps to save battery and extend battery life

App shutdown apps can reduce phone temperature and CPU usage.

Battery operation prevents you from getting a very simple and unique system.

Close all running applications

Shuts down basic tasks and services

Supports user and system applications

Automatically shuts down applications when screen is off

Speed ​​up your phone

Hibernation Pro Free Memory APK

Save battery

Cool your phone

The best program for managing and improving battery life.

Close all running programs

Close all essential tasks and services

Prevents the program from working after closing

Compatible with system software

Intelligent automatic system

Quick access to notifications

Variety of different tools

It is safe and secure

It does not collect any data.

Does not have internet permission

Download hibernator pro apk here

Download hibernator pro mod here

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