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DW Contacts

DW Contacts

Dw Contacts & phone & dialer pro

Dw Contacts & phone & dialer pro: is a powerful app for replacing your contact management apps dw contact pro apk to customize each screen. Layout, font size, color, and transparency. Moving to the phone displays a bar allowing the character to move directly to the desired contact.

Dw lets you contact management app, call screen settings, choose between screen. Oh sort by first and last name! Support remote access to all types of local exchange, Google, ms

Dw Contacts Phone names and manages all of its contacts (Create, edit, delete, copy or copy between accounts, groups, organizations, individual status or multiple choice addresses)

Dw Contacts Manage phone, contacts, emails and MMS in multimedia mode or contacts, groups, organizations and optional addresses

Contacts The Contact Manager app searches for phones in any domain, name, address, phone number, institution, notes, address, email, link, location, date of birth and voice recognition

Download dw Contacts pro apk

View outgoing phone numbers / transfer a call to another number / disconnect completely.

Start a phone call without going through the dialer user interface to confirm the call.

Prevent the processor from sleeping or leaving the screen.

Allowed to set the phone status: enabled, mm, etc.

Access to information about networks.

Enter (but don't read) user contact details.

List of accounts in the account service.

Read the user's contact information.

Enter the user's contact details.

Read the user's call log.

Read user calendar data.

Enter user calendar data.

Read or write system configuration.

Read sync settings.

Perform I / O operations via NFC.

Enter sync parameters.

Use the SIP service.

Access to shakers.

Just read the status of the phone port.

Access notification policy.

Read from external storage.

Write to external storage.

Send an SMS.

Read sms.

Download Dw Contacts Contacts & Phone apk + mod

Download the Dss Contacts APK link here

Download the dw connection edit link here

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