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Avast Mobile Security Premium 2021 6.39.5

Avast Mobile Security Premium

Avast Mobile Security

Avast mobile security premium apk is one of the original versions of the world's leading safety company + premium version with the latest full-function version. Avast mobile security apk protect against viruses and other types of malware by using the most reliable Avast Mobile Security app for Android.

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus, which represents more than 150 million avast mobile installations, is much more than just an antivirus program. Below is a sample of some of the other features. Avast Mobile Security - Antivirus and AppLock Antivirus from Avast Software - Antivirus and VPN app for Android Android users.

Receive alerts when installing spyware and adware that violates your privacy. Secure your devices against phishing attacks from email or short phone calls to infected sites.

 Download avast mobile security antivirus.apk

Install Avast Mobile Security on your smartphone and can significantly improve the security of your phone and prevent the theft of your personal information Avast Phone Security Antivirus - Antivirus and AppLock Dozens of functions and features Various functions, which may be subject to tracking your phone over the Internet and lock or erase remote data to protect your data from theft Using the network counter, managing applications on the firewall and checking installed software to avoid information theft if you are looking for a great anti-virus program for your Android device.

Some special features of Avast Mobile Security Antivirus

Anti-theft: automatically lock your device to change SIM card, take photos and record thief voice secretly.

AppLock Keep your content safe and secure by blocking any app using PIN or Touch. Protect the most used apps and make sure that no one else can access them, not your child or even a hacker.

Remove ads from your Avast Antivirus experience.

Avast Direct Support - Contact Avast directly from the app to get quick answers to your questions.

* Web Shield - erases malware-infected links, as well as spyware and spyware from Trojans (for safe and secure web browsing, such as Chrome) and fixes URLs with spelling errors.

* Antivirus and malware automatically detects malicious applications and Trojans on first use. Full web and file protection includes a mobile phone and protects against spyware and viruses.

* Junk mail cleaning - instantly clean up cached gallery photo files, installation files, and unnecessary files.

* WiFi Security: Check the security of each network, explore e-mail and pay wherever you are.

* Call Restriction: Keep your privacy private. Add blacklist numbers and block callers who don't want to call you.

* Antivirus engine

* Block the app

* Call restriction

* Anti-theft

* Photo vault

* Energy saving

* Privacy permissions

* Firewall (Android only)

* Charging screen

* Improved RAM

* Web Shield

* Wi-Fi scanner

* WiFi Speed ​​Test

Download Avast Mobile Security Antivirus

Download Avast Mobile Security Antivirus apk link here

Download Avast Mobile Security Antivirus apk link here

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