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APK Installer 15.0.2

APK Installer 15.0.2

 APK Installer

Download apk installer to install games makes it easier and faster than ever. Automatically remove or install APK, XAPK (APK with cache data or obb file).

APK Installer To install and install great Android games and apps in APK format, the app scans Android device and memory to find APK files automatically so you can install or remove them

apk installer is an install file for installing games in bulk (over 250MB) from a custom Android system. APK attachments consist of the game's APK install file, as well as the OBB cache or game or data files for the game and merge them into one file which is XAPK install files

zip installer apk is a free Android app that can install XAPK games and applications on Android smartphones.

APK Installer cannot automatically recognize Android files as files for installing applications and games such as what emits Android applications and games throughout the APK, so files of this type lack a special program to install in Android format and here comes the role of APK Installer

Installer apk is a regular Android app that you can install on Android smartphones or tablets just as easily as all Android apps and games in APK format. After installing the application, you can install Android games in XAPK format.

Download APK Installer

After downloading the application and installing it on your device, open it and click on the menu button (three points) assigned to the application and from the options select Scan SDCard APK Installer Pro will scan the device content to search for APK files on the phone.

When it comes to having Android games in XAPK format on your Android device, it will appear in the app in the form of the game or application icon and the name assigned to it, under each game or program you will find two options for installation Install and install the game or application and choose to remove.

 APK Installer

Click the install button to install the APK you have downloaded. The APK installer installs the game's APK file on your phone or tablet, then automatically transfers OBB files or data to the game folder on the system without having to do it manually. .

Download APK Installer Pro

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