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brainzzz 3.1.2 APK

brainzzz 3.1.2 APK

brainzzz APK

brainzzz apk: Enjoy the best mindzzz brain and brain full puzzle games apk full set of classic puzzle games with thousands of different difficulty levels including OneLine, Flow, Sudoku, ColorFill, Maze, Jigsaw and many more puzzle games. It is a games room that brings fun and entertainment.

brainzzz apk This game combines almost all classic games in one place to access any game you love at any time. The games in this series consist of thousands of stages, each with its own challenges and unique strengths to boost memory and improve the performance of your mind, while helping you to entertain and reduce fatigue and spend time with puzzle games intelligence APK.

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Skill and Gas Games: Line

Amazing block game, just move the block and fill in the map, you can challenge high targets, come with me!

Animal theme, with over 400 different animal versions, you must complete a group of animals according to the puzzle scheme. Come and challenge.

Classic shots, drag until the end of the game conditioning, simple and complex mix, you can only draw a drawing with your fingers.

The smartest people in the Sudoku world must play. Sudoku can check not only the ability to distinguish and organize numbers, but also spatial ability. Easy to play. Let's discover the magic of numbers together.

What you have to do is get out of the terrible maze and reach the goal without touching the wall.

You need to rotate the tubes to the right angle and connect the tubes of the same color to find an exit.

Each game has at least 8 difficulty levels, from the newcomer level to the main level, waiting for your challenge.

Do not cheat with nice eyes. Try to find a solution to completely fill the plate.

Precise play, using the line to connect two cubes

There are more than 500 levels waiting for you!

Brain games and puzzles: animal puzzle

Gas removal and flow


Classic and basic games: Sudoku

Classic and gas games: Maze

brainzzz apk latest version 

Skill Games: ColorFill:

Gas and classic games: PipeRoll

Gas and Skill Games: Challenge various difficulties

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