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Planner 5D 1.26.16 MOD APK

Planner 5D apk

Planner 5D

Download planner 5d apk: an easy-to-use program that allows you to create interior decorations in 2D and 3D modes using the tool online or offline.

planner 5d You can create your dream home in minutes without any special training, practice or complicated proof. You will choose interior items from the complete catalog and you can plan and furnish your home, office, castle, or any accommodation we always want and see everything that appears as it really is.

planner 5d apk: You can choose interior and exterior elements from a complete picture list to plan and furnish your home or any space with furniture as you always want, and you can see everything actually looks in VR mode.

Download Planner 5D Interior Design

Features: Planner 5D

5D Planner Create your own floor drawings or create a project using the current gallery

Planner 5d: choose and build furniture, accessories and decorative items from a catalog that is updated regularly

planner 5d apk use hundreds of textures and colors in different combinations

Planner 5d Drag and drop objects onto your map

planner 5d Edit and view your home design in 2D, 3D and VR modes

5d Illustrated List List - Lots of items to use in your designs

5d Snapshot - Realistic pictures of your designs

5D exhibition outline - photos of user drawings

The 5d chart can be used online and offline

planner 5d Log in with your Planner 5D, Google+ or Facebook account to use your creations on all platforms

The 5d user interface layout has been translated into these languages: English, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese

5d layout browse your design with Chromecast (screen recording)

Planner 5d apk to choose and customize furniture, accessories, decor and other items from a regularly updated catalog

planner 5d apk View projects created in VR mode using Google Cardboard or similar technology

Planner 5d apk screenshots can be created both online and offline

Planner 5D apk performs experiments with hundreds of skins and colors in different combinations

Planner 5d apk drag and drop elements anywhere in your design

Planner 5d apk resize any item

Download Planner 5d Apk Design 

Download Planner 5d Apk here

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