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soul knight version 3.2.2 mod

soul knight mod 

Download Soul Knight Apk

Soul Soul Soul Knight APK is one of my favorite games. Although the cost of pixel style is not very high, compared to other games, the screen is not very solid. Pixel games do not win the game from the start or are different in style from any other game. Like today’s game for Soul Knight to recommend, it does not vibrate but even more charming.

Soul Knight APK While guns and swords spin on their shoulders, the magic stone now steals global balance with space race. The fate of the world hangs with a thread. It all depends on you and your ability to recover the stone.

soul knight apk This is the game you never dreamed of. Explore the dungeon, get crazy guns, dodge bullets and shoot them all! The controls are easy to handle, easy to play, smooth and fun gameplay, and has familiar aspects.

Download Soul Knight Apk

Soul Knight Art uses a retro pixel pattern and story background set in a strange and dark dungeon, all character portraits are designed in two body sizes, pixel pattern and beautiful mix resulting in a very meng and particularly funny chemical reaction. Ball fight and melee has a strong dynamics of combat reactions in battle you can feel a very refreshing alternative.

In addition to music games, some people usually play the game with a sound. The sound is often the mistakes of online gaming, and listening will feel boring, pity to give in. Soul Knight in this field is still doing a lot of work, according to Xiaobian that the R&D team tried all kinds of music and continuous correction, and finally chose the sound of mineral rock. His rhythm and "Knight of the Soul" are so popular, they perfectly collect magic, the game will play unconsciously to rhythm the rocks.

There are 10 heroes in Soul Knight. Each hero has different basic characteristics and unique abilities, such as Dense Cannon Cavalry, Deserving Heroes, Sclerosing Paladins, Fort Assistance, Alchemist Poison Bottle and Melee Killer Body, releasing the Lightning Master, Daguai to the Vampire. Whatever character you choose, you can feel an enjoyable gaming experience.

Soul Knight APK for Android, latest version

The levels of apk knight soul are endless, each level is randomly generated, each level of BOSS is random as well, although after death then back, this is not the way to go so every game has a new experience.

In each fortified room you can explore the treasure chest, there are 120 cool and cool weapons awaiting the group to find that the performance of each type of weapon has its own unique characteristics, making it that the players have always wanted to try all the weapons again, link the appetite of the players, and the R&D team was Acts as a large hole in the brain.

Soul Knight's popularity has quite proven that its powerful charm attracts a large number of players, like a pixel game in this sub-region of the new Soul Knight game, from open game content to easy-to-use fun, magic and play style, brought a very different gameplay experience. Today in the homogenization of dangerous mobile games, Sol Knight is like a clean upstream, and definitely not to be missed.

Soul Knight abandons the complex correction process, using the auto correction design, which drastically reduces the beginner minimum. When the monster closes, long-range shooting weapons automatically turn into melee weapons, the game experience can be described as completely human.

- Random dungeons, to discover regular regeneration.

- Over 180 weapons available for exploration.

- Automatic display mechanism for intuitive controls.

- Champions are as unique as their abilities.

- VIPs who will fight beside you.

Download Soul Knight Apk

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