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Hay Day 1.51.91 apk

Hay Day apk

Hay Day features for Android

hay day apk: is one of the most popular strategy farming games for Android from Supercell, providing a very exciting rural life experience and a daily exchange of products on your Android smartphone or tablet.

hay day apk 2020 The idea that you will play the farmer by doing some things like planting and harvesting harvest to get jewelry and money. High Day was developed by the giant SuperCell and gained the latter a month and a huge popularity, which was developed by more than 20 million users.

Hay Day makes the user feel responsible and wants to take care of his farm, work to take care of it and develop his skills for his crops and animals on the farm, because the player can share his friends in the game, and it can be exchanged in cultures and animals.

Download Hay day for Android

You can easily create a variety of sweets, bakeries, etc. To earn money and sell your products in different stores or in the newspapers! You can build a variety of places to grow a farm, for example by earning eggs, selling chickens, and raising other types of animals such as dogs, horses, pigs, sheep, and cows, etc. And until you reach your ultimate goal of becoming an ideal farmer, don't miss the game!

Hay Day strategy games are among the most popular and popular user games, this category turns gamer into addict and Hay Day is the most common example of this. The success of this category that requires a lot of intelligence and attention to complete the required steps, as the new agriculture offers you an exciting experience with an interest in cows, sheep and pigs, as you grow all kinds of crops, bakeries and dairy factories.

Hay Day features for Android

Produce a variety of delicious dishes using the natural ingredients of your farm!

Achieve healthy sales by producing all kinds of products from fresh farms and putting them up for sale in the roadside stores!

Earn money online with your friends on social networks Google Plus and Facebook!

Build a variety of factories to raise money and expand the farm, like a candy factory or a textile factory!

Provides a variety of tools to improve the farm's work!

The ability to grow different types of vegetables and wheat to obtain a profitable harvest!

The ability to create different types of trees to reap the fruits and other things!

Customize your farm and pay attention to crops!

Fix your port and change it!

Build your city and bring visitors to your city!

Download Hay Day APK

Download Hay Day apk link here

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