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PUBG MOBILE KR 1.4.0 apk

pubg mobile korea apk

pubg mobile korea apk

 PUBG MOBILE KR:Now you can download PUBG Mobile KR 0.18.0 Update for PUBG Korean apk. Peggy is an open field combat game. Update the new Season 13 of Pureon Curette to move safely or safely, or in "Scramble Security" mode. This mode will provide two areas, not the same as in this game. The first region will be called the blue zone, and the second region will be called the Uruguay region. It is similar to the blue hole area in the game from the start. Then you can download PUBG KR 0.18.0.

Add sandstorm atmosphere to Miramar map.

Win94 weapon equipped with a range of 2.7x.

A new group of sniper weapons known as Canted Sight has been added.

A new classic map of Sanhok known as Jungle Adventures will be available soon.

A new weapon modification system known as "Guncraft Finishes", which is the final stage weapon manufacture, will soon be available.

New P90 is available in Area Mode.

Season 13 of the Royal Bass Award will be available on May 13: Puppet Stadium.

Extracting from Evo Land mode, Blue Hole mode will be available soon.

Implementation of a new system to combat fraud and theft of points.

There are many other features that have been added to the PUBG KR 0.18.0 modification, and have been announced on the game's official YouTube channel.


Features of pubg mobile korea apk:

Survival 1 is a new place for a limited time where zombies and Resident Evil 2 bosses fight.

2 The ability to chat and collaborate with your teammates.

3 Add weather: moonlight to Vikendi.

4 high-quality 3D sound effects.

5 includes a variety of unique gaming environments.

6 wide range of different types of firearms.

7 The above results are saved for one month only.

8 Add Resident Evil 2 main menu and music.

9 fights on a huge HD map.

10 Add a new zombie mode.

11 fast and do not eat nets.

12 different and new cars.

13 optimized for many devices.

14 A new QBZ firearm appears.

15 cases related to LAGs.

16 real landscapes.

17 HD graphics.

18 Add new map, Sanhok.

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