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Radarbot Free: Radar detector and speedometer 7.3.4

Radarbot Free: Radar detector and speedometer 7.3.4

Radarbot Free

radarbot This app works differently and uses a database of threats that have been detected by other users. For example, if the app reports a mobile ambush, this means that there may be a mobile ambush on this site.

Radarbot detects real hazards on the radar, such as speed cameras, fixed speed cameras and red speed cameras.

radarbot The application can run in the background (with screen off) in conjunction with other navigation applications. To do so, simply activate the sound notification in settings, deactivate the function if you show a danger on the map "and start the speed camera.

Radarbot Maps APK supports 3D visualization of buildings (two-finger tilt up and down) and a map while driving (included in settings).

Radarbot APK You can get new risk databases at any time by updating the databases.

Radar detector is a passive receiver that does not block the tuned signal, but simply warns the driver about the presence of speed cameras in the field.

Download Free RadarBot Speed ​​Camera Detector and Speedometer

radarbot apk the app will report the sound and show the danger on the map, type and distance to danger.

Radar detector application

Features of this app: Speed ​​Camera Radarbot APK

Will use radarbot GPS apk to identify hazards.

Supports two display modes: "radarbot" or "radarbot" (no internet required)

radarbot apk in radarbot mode, support mirror for projection on windshield

Radar path adds the users themselves to the shared database.

radarbot apk In case of danger, the user can determine the risk rating, indicating whether or not there is a real threat.

If you have an internet connection, you will be able to monitor traffic jams.

Support the latest version of everyone.

Download Radarbot for free: Speed ​​camera detector and speedometer opened

Download Radarbot Free link here

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