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Voice Recorder v7.3.0

Voice Recorder v7.3.0

voice recorder apk

voice recorder apk High quality voice recorder apk full version voice recording application, store your recordings. Voice Recorder is one of the best voice recorders in this great app to easily capture the sounds of your surroundings and even incoming and outgoing calls with professional access to professional features.

voice recorder pro One of the reasons for choosing this program as one of the best voice recorder apk is its exceptional quality, which offers a new experience when playing recorded audio. Everything is set up completely automatically, and all additional sound and noise are eliminated so that the audio file is provided with the greatest transparency to users.

voice recorder apk You don't need to take notes in sessions or classes, just create a folder for your activity and record your audience's voice.

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Some features of voice recorder in voice recorder apk:

Group all recorded conversations in the custom category

Protect all personal information by PIN

Transfer files recorded on PC via WiFi

High quality audio files recorded

Automatically remove ambient noise in a proprietary manner

Sound recording chart

Timer and cut audio files

Supports Bluetooth headset for voice recording

Sync the app with Google Drive cloud servers

Support Android smart watch

Stereo Recorder

Record sound in device background

Automatically delete silent parts

Widgets for quick registration !.

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