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Monument Valley 2 v1.3.15 Full

Monument Valley 2 v1.3.15 Full

Monument Valley 2 Full

Download monument valley 2 apk: is the second edition of the popular and beautiful puzzle game. The game generally uses an unlikely build and your task is to guide the prince. She is a lady named Ida, with her wonderful ideas, she has to take the princess through mysterious tracks and paths, one step after another!

There is an amazing visual error in the game that will make you very difficult and difficult to advance through the game "Mon Monument Valley 2 now has a lot of similarities in its original version, and basically it is a puzzle game, but this time, you no longer have control over only one character, and you have to guide the mother A child into a group of geographical landscapes!

Download monument valley 2 full

Monument Valley 2 is a brand new adventure in a beautiful and impossible world. Help Ro teach her child about the secrets of the valley, explores the stunning environments and manipulates the architecture to guide them on their way!

Individual puzzle puzzles

Enjoy beautiful levels full of fictional and contemplative puzzles, using brand new interactions to explore the changing dynamics between characters!

The artwork is inspired by an eclectic mix of architectural styles, artistic movements, and personal effects, each of which translates into stunning engineering structures!

monument valley 2 apk

Monument Valley 2 Professionally designed with palaces and temples available around the world; use ultra-realistic sounds to respond; play in a variety of locations and 3D environments to take steps; unique to sync across devices; optimized for all tablets and smartphones!

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