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app cloner 2.11.1 premium apk

app cloner premium apk

Download App cloner Premium

App Cloner is a modified version of some programs. Comfortable, without fertilizer. With App cloner Premium, you can create multiple versions of existing apps. App cloner Premium installs the cloned apps in parallel and works independently of their original versions.

Premium app's Cloner will not receive automatic updates, so you can save the stable version of the app with the original renewal. Cloner Premium cloning can be useful to use multiple logins simultaneously for apps like Facebook, Twitter or Skype.

The premium cloner app provides many advanced settings for copying applications in addition to changing the name and icon of the application; for example, you can remove unnecessary items or permissions for the user interface, and you can disable startup and automatic backup, including a list of hidden recent apps that block data. Use the app to access Wi-Fi.

Premium cloner is a free app that improves the ability of cloned apps and adds new features like password protection, incognito mode, safe file deletion, etc.

Download app cloner premium

The full version offers the following features: a cloning application

You can apply the incognito mode enable (quickly close the notifications app and destroy your data)

You can prohibit the use of mobile data (the app can only use WiFi to access the Internet)

You can (monitor and block application access to servers and domains)

You can implement SOCKS Premium cloner proxy (redirect application traffic through SOCKS proxy to avoid restrictions and anonymity)

You can apply open access to read and write files and directories to any application without requiring policy rights

Excellent cloning app Get all certificates • Silent operation (mute application started)

You can apply icon substitution (fill in or replace the existing icon hierarchy)

Copies can be created from multiple applications

Lets you share cloned apps

Premium cloner can remove apps, tools and icons

You can enable / disable backup of cloned apps

You can clone the application by cloning the external SD card with premium resolution

You can remove the premium cloner application from the last menu

You can disable excellent cloning to start cloning

You can remove apps that created components for Android Wear watches

You can apply superior gyroscopic reproduction and vertical / horizontal forced direction

You can enable application mode for Samsung devices, multiple window

ART runtime errors can lead to:

The application can add password protection at startup

Download App cloner

Download the apk cloner apk link here

Download the apk cloner mod link here

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